Photo Editing

A picture is worth a thousand words.

MikeY 2 Design offers affordable services in professional photo retouching, photo restoration, post production service for photographers, Amazon photo editing, real estate photo editing, rotoscoping service and vfx editing services.

We accept all file formats from PSD, NEF, CR2, JPEG, PNG, GIF and more…

Here are some of the alterations we offer:

Background Removal
  • Precise pixel clipping regardless of the complexity of the image
  • Add / remove parts from photo
  • Create a photo montage
  • Change an objects colour
  • Crop to alter composition
  • Create a black and white photo from a colour one
  • Colourise a black and white photo
  • Merge photos into one photo

Background Removal

Photo Retouching Portrait or Model
  • Remove red-eye
  • Beauty retouching: specific correction of flaws and highlighting of attractive details
  • Soften or remove wrinkles, spots & skin blemishes
  • Get a digital face-lift
  • Add make-up
  • Teeth whitening
  • Face & body reshaping (lose weight & look younger)
  • Crop to alter composition

Photo Retouching Portrait or Model

Photo Retouching Products
  • Change photo background
  • Removal of unwanted image elements
  • Image Clipping of product photos for your catalogue and online shop
  • Colour and contrast adjustments
  • Sharpness adjustments, improvement of colour balance and saturation
  • Conversion of images into new colour modes
  • Merge photos into one photo

Photo Retouching Products

Photo Restoration

Unfortunately, over time photos can be damaged. We digitally repair the damaged areas and restore photos to their former glory.

• Repair scratches, stains, mould, creases & tears
• Repair water damaged photo
• Colour correction
• Increase contrast on faded photos
• Colourise black & white photos
• Crop to alter composition

Photo Restoration

What you will get!
  • Free consultation
  • Fully restore old/damaged photograph
  • Improvement in Image Quality
  • Image resizing and cropping
  • Print ready files

From £9.99