Product Design and Development

Design and Innovation!

Product and Industrial design is the cornerstone of beautiful and top selling products today! Don’t think so? Think Dyson! Apple? Nike?

In an increasingly crowded marketplace the visual and user appeal of your products plays a vital role in their success. It is therefore essential that their Industrial Design is of the highest standard.

The first step is to develop a full and detailed brief by involving all your key personnel. Once this is agreed we then generate a range of conceptual ideas and visual approaches that show you how your product could be realised.

These are produced using both traditional techniques and the latest CAD tools and are generally presented in the form of visuals, outline mechanical layouts and sketch block models.

Once a design approach has been selected its detail design is developed using one of our high-end 3D CAD systems. Rigs are then made, where appropriate, to prove mechanisms or unusual mechanical details.

What you will get!
  • Free consultation
  • At every step the aim is to make sure that production costs are minimised and that problems are avoided in manufacture.


Product Design and Development